Livestock Auction

Archuleta County Fair Auction 2011

Archuleta County Fair Auction 2011

4-H members offer their market animals to you at the auction block on Saturday evening. As a buyer, your participation in the sale encourages 4-H youth and recognizes their time, effort and the expense that has gone into raising an animal for market.


Individual buyers obtain top-quality beef, lamb, pork, goat, rabbit and turkey, at an attractive price. A high quality animal at the 4-H auction may actually cost you less than buying your meat at the supermarket at retail price. Your friends and neighbors may share a purchase. Businesses can use purchases for employee barbecues or goodwill gifts.


As a valued supporter of 4-H, rather than purchasing an animal, you have the opportunity to add on to the purchase price of any or every animal or 4-H member as a donation and reward to the 4-H’ers. You may do this before the auction or immediately after each animal is sold by adding on a dollar amount per animal.


By participating in the auction, you obtain advertising value that accrues through the purchase of these animals. When you purchase a 4-H animal, the 4-H member will provide you with a Certificate of Appreciation after the fair to be displayed in your place of business. Your name will be listed in the local newspaper, displayed in next year’s Livestock Tent on auction night, and in next year’s livestock auction book.

Archuleta County Fair Auction 2011

Archuleta County Fair Auction 2011

Example Bid

Your purchase is tax deductible for the amount exceeding packer bid. If you do not want the meat, you may sell the animal you purchased to the packer for packer bid.

  • Packer Bid – Steer = $.60/lb. (hypothetical)
  • Your Bid of $2.50/lb. X 1000 lbs. = $2,500
  • Packer Bid of $ .60/lb. X 1000 lbs. = $600

Locker Plant Processing

All animals will be shipped for processing with the exception of rabbit and turkey. If there are multiple buyers for any single animal, leave information about all the buyers with the auction clerk.