About the Archuleta County Fair

2011 Archuleta County Fair Pie Eating Contest Winner

2011 Archuleta County Fair Pie Eating Contest Winner

Following a meeting in 1951 with the Archuleta County Extension Agent, Vernon Cornforth, and several local ranchers – the group decided to initiate a county fair. During the first meeting of the fair committee, Ray Macht was elected chairman and the fair was set for September 28 & 29th, 1951. The fair schedule was geared toward providing a show place for the fine registered cattle owned by locals, providing a summary event for various 4-H projects, and treating the county to an exciting and fun event. Through the years, the growth of the County Fair reflected increasing interest by the youth of the community involved in 4-H and their dedicated leaders who taught the youngsters with exuberant enjoyment.

The mission of the Archuleta County Fair is to unite our community by preserving our history through building memories, encouraging cooperation, creating learning opportunities, providing entertainment, as well as developing healthy competition for exhibitors of Archuleta County enrolled in 4-H and open class competitors from any geographical area of the world. According to the Pagosa Springs Sun, August 10, 1951, the fair is for the benefit of the entire community, townspeople and ranchers alike. The Archuleta County Fair is a returning theme in the pattern of our county’s history, changing a little every year, growing with your county and keeping true to some of the very same values held dear over fifty years in the past.

We proudly invite you and your family to the annual Archuleta County Fair.  The Fair is held the first weekend in August each year, in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The fair will host a slew of activities for you and your family and explore the website to get a better idea of the fun that awaits. And you don’t even have to stick your face into a pie to get full enjoyment at the fair.

Come join us at the fair!  What better way to spend a hot summer weekend than hanging out at the fairgrounds and taking in the views along with a few friends!